{ MOVEMENT Testimonials }


Loved the Intro class today! I'm a details girl, and you've got them all covered - ambiance, music, atmosphere, and amazingly welcoming & approachable teachers! Can't wait to come back :) 

~ E

Just a note to share about my own personal experience with Aerosha, as well as my thoughts on how this type of movement is helpful for a holistic, well-rounded feeling that comes from women taking the time and the effort to take care of themselves (this is the mental healthcare provider part of me!). Personally, I walked into the studio for an Intro, a 50 year old woman who could only see a saggy bottom and "cankles," standing next to this really cute 20-something year old hottie. As the rest of the women filed in, I took comfort in that there were different ages and different body types. Rachael and her assistants won't allow one to linger on the sags, tummies, wrinkles and imperfections for long, as the message that is a constant buzz throughout is a message of beauty, grace, femininity, pleasure, and sensual playfulness. I did the intro class and private classes, as well as several chair workshops (which I love and will definitely do again!). 

~ Ginger

Being a mid 40's white male, I have both experienced Aerosha's brilliance internally and externally. I have witnessed the empowerment, grace, and self esteem gained by many sisters through Aerosha, that were able to turn and shine these attributes towards their families, friends, and intimate partners. Being a yogi, practicing Aerosha myself enabled me to free myself from the confines of a traditional, linear yoga practice, and be more open to the creative flow of spirit as it works through me. If asked, "should one experience Aerosha?"...my answer would be, "do you like the idea of feeling free? Then yes, one should."

~ Rod Buckner, Springfield, MO

I am doing Aemotion [Stretch-Only Class], which is a slow, lingering, soulful movement; in a reflective sort of way. I adore this time and want to share some of my own experiences, although I'm sure it's a different experience for every person. I love the pace, the music (you are a marvel with selection, Rachael!), and the ambiance. I don't want to sway anyone's experience, so I will leave the content of the class for you to experience on your own. I do want to say that not only is it a good full body stretch, but a wonderful way for women to learn to self-sooth and get a feel for the sensations in their own beautiful bodies; being nurturing and kind to themselves, by themselves. No one else needed. Not a partner, not a parent, not a "guy," not any other person we might tend to depend on. With eyes closed during the entire time, we are able to experience ourselves, which is heavenly. There is a portion set aside for a meditative or reflective period of time, which I especially find remarkably peaceful and pleasurable, allowing me to experience myself in a more spiritual space that speaks to my soul every time I enter that place in myself. Thanks, Rachael for bringing such an amazing opportunity to our seemingly very small world!

~ G

I arrived to my Aerosha Intro Class a bit nervous, to be honest.  I knew I was ready for a change and it seemed that the minute I met Rachael, I felt soothed, like she could sense all of my blocks, all of my crazy, and she accepted me anyway.  I started to tear up before she even closed the door and guided me to be seated in the womb-like studio where I felt all of the rest of my life fall away from my focus.  She commended me on my bravery and asked what my intentions were, to which more tears were shed while I explained my high-anxiety life and disappointing past in a few sentences.  She listened.  She gave me hope.  She almost immediately shifted my perspective and I felt energized, ready to experience the Intro Class and all of the powerful metaphors that she culled out of my clumsy, willing body language.  I left Aerosha a new person after one class and felt committed to return each week for both her Mentorship and her pole classes.  With her, I release more layers of programming and have found acceptance in my glorious present.  THIS moment, where I have all my power.  Rachael is a gift to anyone who chooses to be influenced by her radiance, her intuition, her honesty.

~ Taylor

As my Aerosha Journey began I was turning 35 and wanted to start checking things off my bucket list. Luckily, I chose Aerosha to check off my "dance on a stripper pole" box, otherwise, I may never have felt the ooey gooey movement and all the self awareness it awakens within. I swear I have tried many times to explain what Rachael and the safe place she has created is or does but my words fall short each time. Now, instead of trying to tell a person what Aerosha is, or more often, isn't, I just tell them to go into it with an open mind. For me, what began as a little escape from the stress of everyday life has become a path to discovery and growth.

~ Trish T, a 35yo, Love spreading , Boy mom

When I first began Aerosha it was because a friend continuously begged me to go with her. She told me how much it would empower me and show me how wonderful I was as a woman, the way she saw me.

What she didn't tell me was that it would change my life. It made me believe in myself outside of my job. It made me love my self and my body.

As I became a regular and began bringing friends, I grew in physical, mental and emotional strength.

Sometime around a year after beginning attending Aerosha weekly I had a life threatening car accident. The doctors said if I lived, I wouldn't walk for at least six months. Around five months after the incident I attended Aerosha the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I have since then shared my movement and progress with my friends in private sessions and strangers in workshops. It is thanks to Aerosha and what it did for me physically and mentally that I recovered so quickly. (I also owe thanks to family, friends and faith!)

I have embraced my new body parts and looks, metal rods and scars, and am loving life more than you could possibly imagine. Thank you Rachael for everything!

~ Antoinette Martin, Branson, MO

Thank you for an amazing Aerosha Intro Class today! The guided imagery you did was fantastic~ the music~the ambiance~the gentleness in you encouraging us~ the fun~ and oh, what a workout! My body is happy I am letting it move around again~ thank you so much for making this available.

~ H

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is like it once was as you walk into the "Aerosha Room".  It's dark, dimly lit, with splashes of amber and ruby light that dance and move as if to show you how you'll see yourself in a short time.  My plan was to attend pole dancing for fitness, I like things off the beaten path.  This was so much more...more fun, more playful, more expressive, more me, and more than I expected.   

Rachael is amazing: she's kind, warm, open-hearted, smiley, and above all, trustworthy.  Because, let's face it, when you're dancing around a pole for the very first time and you can't get your legs, feet, and arms to do what you want - you need someone you can trust to walk you through those moments.  Someone you can trust, so that you don't feel silly or embarrassed, but instead feel encouraged and empowered.  My first Intro warm up in the Aerosha studio felt overwhelming.  I am a control freak.  I'll say that again, I am a control freak (and used to dance on a team...with mirrors and someone meticulously checking my body position so I'd be sure to match all those around me).  So when she said "close your eyes, listen to the music, and I'll talk you through stretching" I about puked.  How would I know what she was talking about, how would I know exactly how to do a stretch?  Then she said THE statement that changed my world in the "Aerosha Room".  "If it feels good, it looks good."  When the thumping beat of the music reverberated through the floor as I was performing my right sided hip circles, I knew EXACTLY what she meant.  Did my hip circles look like anyone else's?  (I have no clue, because it's dark in there (number one), I had my eyes closed (number two), and I was sore from work so I was a bit janky on that right side (number 3)).  BUT!!!  It felt great!  It felt GOOD.  It felt good to move and only think about the beat and how I felt like moving to it.  It felt good, so it must look good.  From that moment on, I have walked into class telling myself "I am going to feel good in class", and I have never had a bad moment in "the Room".  

Aerosha is such a gift in my life.  I'm a new mom (I wasn't when I first started taking classes), a work-from-home (2 jobs - I work for one and own another) and a stay-at-home mom.  I rarely have time to shower, eat, or brush my teeth, but I told myself that I would give myself something for me.  Something that I could go and do just for myself.  To remember who I am and who I was.  Aerosha and "the Room" are my secret garden.  Just for me.  I can go in there alone, or with friends, or with women I'm about to meet.  I know that I can melt from the pole to the floor and surrounding walls and back again...just because.  I get to feel the texture of my surroundings and not just because I'm cleaning food or spit up off of them.  I get to remind myself that I am attractive, important, and my body can move and coordinate itself like it used to do.  Attending Aerosha's weekly classes is not for the faint of heart - you have to be brave to let yourself be yourself.  (Trust me, you can do it!)  And in this day and age, with Facebook and Instagram and cell phones and such, no one really remembers or cares to remember who they are, who they are really.  Aerosha is a warm hug in a world of stoic impersonality where we text instead of call, call instead of meet, and hand-shake instead of hug.  Visit Aerosha...meet yourself again :) I'm sure you'll find you're fabulous!

~ Mishayla: 31, Christ Follower, Wife, Mom, Business Owner, and while in "the Room" Fantastical-Unicorn-of-a-Dancer-in-my-Mind, 2016

My favorite thing about Aerosha is the way it helps me feel free in my body. I find myself feeling the way I did as a child on the playground, before I received and internalized a bunch of negative beliefs about the "appropriate" way for girls to move and behave. It makes me feel strong and creative, flexible, self assured, and confident. I live for the moments in my private group class when Rachael demonstrates a move and my first thought is "I can't do that. I'll never be able to move in that way." and then she walks me through it, step by step, and I feel myself fly, or stretch through space in a way I never knew I could before, and then I just want to keep trying more and more and more things that are unexpected and out of my comfort zone.

These classes will change your life, if you're ready for it. They will help you be the woman you dreamed you could be when you were a little girl. It's so simple and so fun to dance your way into the life you really want. In the beginning, I didn't even notice what an impact Rachael and Aerosha were having on my me, but when I look back at the beginning of my journey here, it's hard to even explain how far I've come. I can't wait to find out where Aerosha will lead me in the future!

~ Kate, 33, Springfield, MO, 2016

Aerosha has been a beautiful journey of self love. As someone on the autistic spectrum, Aerosha has been immensely helpful with managing my anxiety, getting me out of the habit of apologizing because I exist, building my confidence, and has allowed me to appreciate women of all ages from all backgrounds, who have all found their inner beauty. It's far more than just dance or creative movement, it's about finding what's beautiful in you, and expressing it with your body.

~ Carolyn Jacobs., 23, Springfield, MO, 2016

I am now an advanced student and have been on the Aerosha journey for quite a while. I have to say Rachael impresses me time and time again with her ever-evolving classes. I get bored really easily so Aerosha works out really well for me. Every class is planned perfectly down to what muscle you need to strengthen in order to do a move 3 weeks from that point. I started Aerosha right after I had my last baby. I was weak and out of shape. I am now more toned than I have ever been! I'm doing moves I never dreamed I could do! Oh, and my classmates- my sisters. Thank you to all you beautiful Goddesses I get to share this with! Aerosha has not only given me new friendships but it has taught me to let go, trust myself, and reminds me week after week that I am beautiful.

~ T

I came to Aerosha in a cocoon.  Aerosha peeled the layers with that peeling came relief.

I always wanted to be "with someone I love".....Now I AM....someone I love.

~ Debstir, 2016

What an amazing night, Rachael. You should be proud. You've changed and inspired so many women and those of us who experience Aerosha with you every week cannot thank you enough for all you do. You've changed my life! Love you dearly! " 

~ L

I just want to thank Rachael...when I started Aerosha (just a short while ago) I would RUN into class, RUSH through to change, and felt pressured into thinking I couldn't get any of this right. Now, just a few weeks later, I feel great! TWO WEEKS IN A ROW I have WALKED into class feeling relaxed and totally at ease. The classes are a workout, don't be fooled, but they are both fun and rejuvenating. My husband of 17 years made the comment that since my time with Aerosha he has noticed that I carry myself differently. Thank you for the beginning of my transformation...and beyond! 

~ Marta

I have to confess the idea of pole dancing was always negative to me. Because I knew Rachael and her incredible spirit, I gave it a try. When I walked into the studio my heart sang. It was deliciously lit with candles and Moroccan lamps making for a dark, warm, and inviting atmosphere. The music was tantalizing and you could tell she put a lot of care into getting the perfect sound. I sat down on my mat and let Rachael take me on a hour long journey of reconnecting with my inner self through sensual stretches and meditation. As a mother of two, I have to say it has been a long time since I took the time to reconnect with my body and feel okay with it. But, I didn't feel just okay with it, I felt beautiful again! Then came the next hour of pole and floor work. Oh, this is sooo much fun! Be prepared to be a little sore the next day cause it takes a lot strength for these floor and pole moves. The great thing is that you don't even know it cause your having too much fun!

~ T

Just want to thank Rachael for the wonderful experience of Aerosha. I have completed the first 4 private classes and my first of many Chair Workshops this week. I attended my first class with mixed feelings and a lot of insecurity about me. In the last six to seven weeks I have gained confidence, self-acceptance and found a free spiritedness I didn't know I had. With each class I learn to move in different ways and discover parts of myself that I appreciate in a new light. While the classes are very good physical workouts they are also restorative for your mind and soul. They have been an all over healing experience for me! Thank you again for this amazing journey! 

~ Karen, 2011

I came to Aerosha emotionally and sensorially numb, resisting even the notion of "melting into motion", "nurturing my sensual self" and "embracing the beauty inside".  I didn't even like to say words like that.  Nevertheless, I recognized that my feelings of resistance were simply a sign that Aerosha was the next step in my course of healing.  My therapist was shocked and pleased when I told him what I had decided to do and said he would have prescribed Aerosha for me if he had known about it.  

This February 2013 marks my second anniversary of continuous classes at Aerosha. In this special space I have found a safe place to heal, to be challenged and become physically, emotionally and yes, sensually strong.  My classmates and I have formed a unique bond as we witness each other's growth as well as our own. These days I delight in sharing my experience as one most unlikely to ever have passed through the humble doors of Aerosha, to one who brings friends to intro classes and loves to share my movement.  I am pleased to say that this conservative, christian girl, has found a certain healing in the candle lit womb of Aerosha. 

~ Kim, 50, Grateful Aeroshan

To me, Aerosha is about discovering my identity—the identity that is mine, separate from my spouse, friends, family, or co-workers. Aerosha is the process of unveiling that identity through the art of movement—walking, stretching, dancing; the use of tools—floor, wall, chair, pole; and the encouragement through inspiration—music, emotion, senses. My journey has consisted of constant evolution: breakthroughs, both mentally and physically; strength building; a formation of an irreplaceable, diverse, sensational group of friends; and a wider range of taste in music. Aerosha allows me to take up space, to move in a judgment-free zone of support, to free my mind, and to rediscover myself, over and over again. Aerosha is a priority in my life.

~ Lauren Wilson Mills

Before: sad, lost and walking in darkness - journey of an overwhelmed widow

During: there will be no after! happy, found, alive and living - journey of a healing widow - walking out of darkness into the light!

~ Deb Forner

One day, not too very long ago, my daughter Jennifer old me she had begun taking Aerosha classes. I asked her what that meant, and then she said something like, “Well, it’s pole dancing.” I’m sure my face expressed my surprise because she hastily added, “but it’s not done in one of those clubs.  It’s done in a private dance studio with other women who want to enjoy a whole body experience with the mind, soul, and body.”Not long afterwards, I was off work and joined her at an Open House. I immediately felt welcomed. While I was a not member of the ladies who met there that day, I was invited to join them. For the first time in a long while, I did some enjoyable exercising. I have always loved watching ice skating and ballet, so I found Aerosha to be another active sport that creates that kind of beauty on a stage.  I also felt these dancers’ sense of passion as I watched them dance, releasing their inner energy. The experience changed my entire perception of Aerosha from negative, based on some unknown prejudice, to a positive one that I could watch and even want to learn.  If I lived less than two-hours away, I would join the group and I do not readily agree to do much exercise any more.  I thank you for the opportunity to become less narrow-minded and more open to the beauties of these ladies’ graceful dancing.  May dazzling sun shine on all women who engage in Aerosha.  Best wishes and best of luck.

~ Patty Dump

1 /  My name is Sylvie S. I live in NY but I tried Aerosha during one of my visit to Missouri - as recommend by one of my local friend in Springfield - I must say, just THAT was worth all the trip! It was fantastic to discover this full and fully original new method of corporal expression by Rachael Dunville, an amazing teacher and inspiration in/by (?) herself by the way.  If I had to describe it: a mix of yoga, psychology, coaching, sexy dancing, ballet, ... and what not! But whatever the official technical definition of it, it made me feel so womanly, so beautiful, so strong and so at ease in my body!
The fact of holding a women-only class also reminded me of the spiritual function of places like the hammam, in ancient eastern societies, where women-only would regroup and exchange in all privacy and honesty -  a really unique, irreplaceable, fulfilling and empowering experience... Let alone building my self-confidence and self-esteem, it also definitely worked my muscles in a beautiful, fun and graceful way! A must-try, even if - like me - you have to fly in from the other side of the country!

2 / Discover Aerosha and you'll discover a new, full, true and powerful you, you'd never suspected you were!! Aerosha is power! In the most graceful, beautiful and womanly way! Woman power - with grace and spirit! Muscles, heart, brain and soul: Aerosha develops my inner self as much as my outer beauty.

3 / I thereby grant Aerosha to use the above quotes for all use on their communication material.

~ Sylvie S., 40, New York, new mother

I felt as though the studio was designed specifically to make me feel wonderful. There are no mirrors – our peers are our mirrors, cheering us on when we move with grace and strength or nail a trick.  

These women moved with their souls, whether slow and sensually or powerfully with acrobatics.  My heart leapt.  Immediately following the demos I signed up for the introductory classes.  I knew I had no grace or strength but I wanted to move like that.  

I realized that the class isn’t all about what you can do, but how you feel when doing it. There were times I felt an impetus to move in ways that my mind could not have conjured.  I don’t know if it was my heart leading or my body but it was not my head – pretty scary for someone who lives in her head as a logical being.  It was liberating but so confusing.  Why would dancing overwhelm me to where I’d practically cry at the end of a dance? I think my body was learning to express things my mind didn’t know how to. I had a lot of emotions running around inside me and I think dancing made them all come alive.

I love the culture of pole. I’ve never enjoyed a sisterhood like this before. I’ve never enjoyed a physically challenging activity. I’ve never felt graceful. I’ve never participated in something that has so many facets and such a wide variety of supporters and enthusiasts.  This is the longest I’ve held a hobby and the longest I’ve ever felt good about myself physically. Pole itself did not do that – that’s Aerosha, that’s Rachael’s vision. But Pole has been a mechanism within that, an integral tool to help me grow.  

I can’t believe how amazingly fortunate I am to have found pole and to have found Aerosha. I believe there’s no other studio like it and that I found it exactly when I needed it. I believe my journey has taken paths I couldn’t have foreseen and it will continue to do so in the future. I love where I am and who I’m with and who I am. 

~ Angela Frantz

My experience with Aerosha comes solely through the eyes of others. 
Because of that, I cannot describe it as a dance studio or a class or a 
program.  I can only tell you what I see in those who have found it: 
confidence, strength, balance and joy.  Aerosha is where those things begin.

~ Jason Frantz

I was invited to attend an Aerosha open house about two and a half years ago.  I was amazed at the beauty and confidence of the women who participated in Aerosha.  Each woman performed for the group attending the open house, sometimes in a group, sometimes individually.  I had never seen anything so creative, so fluid and so real. It was beautiful and I wanted to learn  how to do that and to let go of all my inhibitions and to be real like they were expressing themselves with movement, to music and in a dimly lit room so that you could feel the experience more than see it.  
I refer to Aerosha as sensual movement as it involves all of ones senses.  Your body moves to music the way you hear it and in a way that the music affects you.  It is a very emotional and physical experience participating in Aerosha.  I felt my body and my senses wake up with each subsequent class.  I became more in tune with my body, like I had once been in younger years.  I became aware that despite being 45 years old, I am not dead physically.  Aerosha strengthens you in many ways.  I am stronger from the physical attributes of Aerosha.  The deep stretching is something most of us never get around to and it truly awakens every fiber of your body.  I am calmer due to Aerosha as it is a natural stress releaser.  I have become more of a sensual woman toward my husband because I’ve learned to be more expressive and comfortable with my body due to Aerosha.  It is a very empowering, expressive and releasing exercise of the body, mind and the spirit.  I would encourage every woman to give it a try and see the value they will find in it for themselves.

~ Sheila Bowen, RN, BSN, MA, Business Owner and Employee Wellness Coordinator

Aerosha is the first place I've been where ALL (literally all) the women support and encourage each other.  That's an amazing feat and it makes Aerosha an oasis of acceptance.

~ Whitnae

I originally came to Aerosha as an escape from my usual fitness options, what I found was an amazing experience that takes me further than fitness.  Every class offers me a meditation--some still, some moving, an opportunity to dance how I need for that day, and an exploration of amazing music.

Aerosha's ability to bring women together in a supportive, non-competitive way and honor each women for where she's at in her journey is a remarkable gift.  Thank you.

~ Leslie B.

My love for Aerosha began two years ago on a cold, snowy, Friday evening introductory class.  I was pretty broken at the time--broken-hearted and broken-spirited--and my self-image was suffering.  I sat on the floor and took in the warmth of the candles, the fireplace, the welcoming spirit, and the unbelievably beautiful combination of art and athleticism in the studio and knew without a doubt that Aerosha was for me. That night marked a change in my life that continues week by week, class by class, skill by skill, song by song, and friendship by friendship with my classmates.  I am whole now.

~ K.C., Aerosha student and mom of 4

Aerosha peeled the layers with that peeling came:

I always wanted to be "with someone I love".....

Now I AM....someone I love.

When I first began Aerosha it was because a friend continuously begged me to go with her. She told me how much it would empower me and show me how wonderful I was as a woman, the way she saw me. What she didn't tell me was that it would change my life. It made me believe in myself outside of my job. It made me love my self and my body. As I became a regular and began bringing friends, I grew in physical, mental and emotional strength. Sometime around a year after beginning attending Aerosha weekly I had a life threatening car accident. The doctors said if I lived, I wouldn't walk for at least six months. Around five months after the incident I attended Aerosha the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I have since then shared my movement and progress with my friends in private sessions and strangers in workshops. It is thanks to Aerosha and what it did for me physically and mentally that I recovered so quickly. (I also owe thanks to family, friends and faith!) I have embraced my new body parts and looks, metal rods and scars, and am loving life more than you could possibly imagine. Thank you Rachael for everything!

~ Antoinette Martin

We started off our adventure of Danielle's Bachelorette Party at Aerosha this past Friday night. Keeping it a secret from the bride was the best part! She was shocked and so excited when she learned what we were going to be doing.

I'll be honest, I was very nervous and scared when the idea of a group pole dancing class was thrown out there for Danielle's bachelorette party but I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in her house and she warmly welcomed us in. Rachael was such a sweetheart to all of us. She was very warm and welcoming right from the start and it lasted through our whole group session. There was never anything negative mentioned. If we didn't do a move quite right, she talked us through on how to do it better and really wanted to help us. She made sure the whole evening was upbeat and positive. She really touched on encouraging one another through the class and that was so refreshing to hear because society nowadays doesn't encourage, it really brings a woman to a place where she doesn't feel like she's enough. Rachael wanted us to feel empowered, and it was a recurring message through our whole session. Doing something so our of most of our comfort zones was different but such a great experience. Starting the evening with so much unsurety, we ended it with so many laughs and memories and new moves. Thank you Rachael for being such a sweet person and an excellent teacher. I think I can speak for everyone, it was definitely an experience to remember.

~ Michaela Blackburn-Crosby (Facebook review)

I attended a Bachelorette Party here and we all had a fantastic experience. The approach here is not "bright lights, big and flashy;" it's all about what feels great in your body, not worrying about how it looks. That being said, we all learned some things that look pretty awesome too! Rachael is very kind and encouraging and puts everyone at ease. She's a great teacher! I'd recommend this as a fun experience with friends or a more intimate self-care experience with a private lesson.

~ Natalie James Ingalsbe (Facebook review)

This is a wonderful way to connect to your inner goddess. I am a self-conscious person but the warm, supportive atmosphere and pure joy Rachel brings to each class makes it empowering and your self-judgement melts away. Sounds corny but this will change your life!

~ Jen Keet (Facebook review)

We had such an amazing time today at our Aerosha party! Rachael Dunville is an amazing instructor and made each one of us feel comfortable! Whitney was very good as well! We are definitely returning for more classes! Every woman should experience it! You will leave feeling refreshed and more confident than before! Loved it!!!

~ Jamea Duke (Facebook review)

Aerosha makes a Monday not feel like a Monday. Before a class i feel blah but after a class i am so motivated. Aerosha makes me feel so amazing and free and Rachel is so inspiring. If you haven't tried it you should definitely give it a shot. It has opened up a whole new world for me!

~ Jennifer Brice (Facebook review)

Rach! You are so great and inspiring...had to take a couple of weeks off due to "life" and cannot wait to keep moving on with confidence! Thank you for bringing this to your "Springtown" not many can deliver their passion as you do.....XOXO

~ Darby Brownfield (Facebook review)

Aerosha’s creative movement became part of my life about a year ago and helped guide me through an unexpected life season with many ups and downs. After relocating and leaving my nest behind, I began to feel worrisome, anxious, and doubtful about change my dreams. Every month I came back to Rachael and Aerosha for the movement and each time I left wanting to carry the feeling with me, into all aspects of my life. When I felt my doubts overcome me, I asked Rachael through tearful eyes….How does this work, how can I fix this, fix me?

My journey with Rachael has allowed me to blossom into a better understanding of myself and how my thoughts are more powerful than I realized. She has shown me ways to get out of my head trash and focus on my appreciation of all that is around me. I am a creator in my life not a bystander.
During each session with Rachael, I feel heard, understood, and comforted through her wisdom and guidance. Together, we have invoked for me a new pattern of appreciation, acknowledgment, and creation to finding the truest, happiest me.

~ Denise, St. Louis, MO