Rachael Dunville works globally as an Intimacy-Alignment Expert, offering remote 1:1 Mentorship + Movement Sessions, at her acclaimed company AEROSHA, founded in 2008.

She is also a renowned Fine-Art Portrait Photographer whose work has been featured on the cover of Modern Luxury's Beach in addition to features in Well + Good, Glamour, Girl Boss, Modern Luxury, FastCompany.  Rachael also shares her long-term projects in galleries, exhibitions, publications, and public-speaking events.

Rachael spends her free-time passionately writing, cooking, healing, basking, conversing, and Instagramming. (@rachaeldunville + @aerosha + @manifeasto)

No matter what hat Rachael is wearing, she values authentic-connection, ecstatic-sensation, lucid-emotions, and feeling-good above all else.

Currently splitting time between the Ozarks, NYC, Miami, and wherever inspiration leads her, she embodies a freedom-filled lifestyle, always at-the-ready for frequent travel and new experiences.

Her beloved hometown-homebase is in Springfield, Missouri, where she frequents to recharge with loved ones, get nose-to-nose time with her Billy-dog, and excitedly expand her various creative vocations.

It is Rachael's belief that every person––all genders, all ages, coupled or solo––may return home to joyous creativity, sumptuous sensuality, and your practice of pleasure, well-being, and authenticity.

Her unique Aerosha Movement Classes gently introduce playful, liberating, sensory expressions of the body, renewing confidence, acceptance, compassion, and emotional release.

Her popular Aerosha Mentorship Sessions, conducted globally by phone, provide guidance to awaken self-awareness, apply practical perspective shifts, and experience everyday ecstacy. 

For more about Rachael's journey to create and expand within Aerosha, please read more about her path here and enjoy these recent podcast interviews.

What does "Aerosha" mean?

The etymology of the original term "Aerosha" defines our movement through the braided sound + spirit of four ancient words--as rich in history and tradition as movement itself.

AERO: (Greek) air, representing lightness, euphoria, flight, free-oxygen-rich

EROS: (Greek) love, desire, sensuality -- also a base word for 'erotic' and 'erogenous'

SHAKTI: (Sanskrit) divine, creative feminine energy, life-force, power

MOKSHA: (Sanskrit) liberation, release, freedom, flow