{ Begin Your Journey }


Welcome! After this light-hearted, informative, prerequisite class, you will feel nourished, radiant, and eager to continue your journey at Aerosha.


Our popular Intro Class is a wonderful starting point for your Aerosha Journey, focusing on the basics of the Aerosha essence, technical movements, and plenty of inspiration to take home with you! 

We promise you will feel safely "at home" in our small class size (solo, or group of up-to-4 guests), taught with love in a uniquely dark, candlelit studio.

First, experience the bliss that is our signature slow motion stretch. Next, an understanding of curvilinear vs. linear movement and a chance to engage in a step-by-step-guided spin with your favorite, new dance partner––the POLE—exhilarating, empowering and gorgeous!

The Intro is a one-time class.  Following your Intro, you may register for any of our other recurring Private Sessions, Workshops, or other Specialties. 


SOLO or GROUP: $75 / 60 minute session / 1-4 total guest per session ($75 is total per60-min class, not per person cost)

(Have a group with more than 4 guests?  Book a Private Intro Party!)

{ Important NEW STUDENT Information }


  • Our studio is a safe, loving, sex-positive space.  All are welcome to join our friendly, wholesome, non-judgemental community. 

  • Aerosha's studio is dimly-lit (DARK!) and mirror-less.  Rest assured, no one notices if your legs are hairy or your hair is messy.  Be you.

  • No previous athletic or dance experience is necessary since each guest is encouraged to move according to their own body wisdom and ability.

  • Nothing is required to bring to the Intro Session, unless you wish to have a water bottle.

  • Participants should wear comfortable workout attire--such as yoga pants/capri/shorts and a tank top--to the Intro Session.

  • Aerosha's studio is a barefoot environment; however, socks are welcome (even encouraged) for your comfort and self-expression. 

  • Please keep in mind, it is suggested that you wear your hair down. 

  • Nudity is not permitted.  Please remember to remove all jewelry for your safety. 

  • We request that participants DO NOT wear lotion or oils on their body, hand OR hair on the day of class. This will keep your limited class-time efficient, SAFE, and frustration-free.  

  • Because of limited class size, cancellations made with less than 24 hours will be charged a penalty fee, and will reschedule based on availability.

  • Please visit our Answers page for further information on our classes.