{ MENTORSHIP Testimonials }


Back in April I had a phone interview with [Aerosha]. I knew as she told me about what she offered I HAD to work with her. It didn't matter how much her program was, the Universe would deliver. I needed her expertise. Rachael is an intimacy expert coach. 6 months before meeting her I realized all of the men and relationships I attracted stemmed from my belief that I was not worthy of respect and love. I would use men and they would use me. The way I would touch myself was disconnected and unsatisfying. I wanted to change my beliefs. I wanted to change my habits.

This Sunday I had my last coaching call with Rachael, I was brought to tears when she read back my answers to her questions back in April compared to my answers now. My jaw dropped in disbelief in how far I have come. I went from needing attention 24/7 from men, fucking for "fun"... a lot, feeling completely unsatisfied to deciding I would be celibate to now having healthy boundaries and a relationship with my pussy, honoring what she wants and doesn't want. Could I have gotten here alone? Possibly. But why? I've done healing alone, it's even harder, confusing, frustrating and takes longer. I believe the Universe provides so when I need help I do not hesitate now to invest so that I can have support, accountability and guidance when I feel stuck. If you struggle with any intimacy issues, couples or single, please message [Rachael]. She is passionate in what she teaches and knowledgeable as fuck! Thank you my friend...there are no words to express my gratitude!

~ Kari Whipkey, Scottsdale, AZ, 2018

About six months ago I made the decision that I needed change in my life, to put myself first and to love myself more. I found Rachael and I’m eternally grateful that I did. 

I began this journey with putting myself behind all else and now, I am my main focus. I remember in one of our first meetings, Rachael told me that as soon as I form positive habits, I’ll be wondering “How did I ever live differently than this?” and she was absolutely right. I now can’t even imagine going through my days with the old habits that I had formed in the past. I’ve grown and learned in ways that I never thought I could. I now love myself endlessly and am able to help my loved ones more than I ever was able to before. As she quoted to me when we first met, “You can’t serve from an empty vessel.” My vessel overflows and that has made all the difference in the world. 

Rachael is a necessary light in everyone’s lives. Her words encourage me to continue growing even more than I knew was possible. I have found ease through her guidance and strength and can’t recommend her mentorship program enough. 

Abbey, age 19, Springfield, MO, 2017

Over the past several months, I have been working with Rachael in effort to make positive shifts in my life. I can say, without exaggeration, that the combination of her empathy, strength, patience, compassion and insight has helped me make transformative realizations.

When I first started working with her, she told me that the worries I had at the time would seem minor in a few months. She was right. Because of the inspiration and guidance that Rachael provides, my self-esteem has improved and the chatter in my head has quieted. She has helped me become the stronger, capable individual that she has seen in me all along.

I look forward to every session with Rachael and would recommend working with her to anyone.

Tana Aguas, 24. Springfield, MO, 2016

I wanted my relationship with my husband of 36 yrs to become the best it could be. We have fun together but our sex life wasn't good. 

I knew if I wanted a more fulfilling relationship I needed to get to know the sexy, sensual woman I lost a long time ago.

Thru the work with Rachael, she helped me discover the false statements I had about myself. I'm a vibrant person, I am powerful and I needed to learn to tell a different story and speak what I want as if it has already happened.

I feel so at peace, and full of self love.

Linda, in her 50's, Missouri , 2016

About 6 months ago I saw a bit online about Rachael and her work with women - making them more comfortable in their bodies. And I thought, I need that. 

Little did I know how much more I would get.  The me now not only reminds herself daily of how sexy she is, is less embarrassed about her sexual desires and can masturbate in several positions, but also is just a growing bundle of positive energy. I have learned how to stop the negative thoughts and focus on good feeling ones. I have learned how to respect myself as I am my own best friend and someone truly amazing. 

So, if you too are ready to work on being who you really want to be and are ready to work on being comfortable in the body you were blessed with, then you too should take the journey with Rachael's mentorship program. 

Amy, Newly minted 40 yo, Fort Lauderdale, 2018

Meeting Rachael was a real blessing.  Not only do I get a chance to talk about really private, personal matters without being judged, but it is also mind opening. Through her listening and advice, I finally managed to connect with myself and explore a part of myself I always knew was there but never dared opening to anyone.  She's always there, always smiling and ready to listen and give her best to help me improve and discover.  Such a beautiful mind, such a wonderful person.  I will always be grateful for the day our paths crossed.  

~Simon, 33, Madrid Spain, 2015

So, my wife and I have a really great marriage. 9 years of total bliss traveling all over the place, successful in our businesses, and the best communication ever. We have had our moments of contrast, but we get through them quickly and gracefully. 

The one thing we did realize though, is that our intimacy was the one thing we didn’t talk about much, nor was it what we both knew we wanted it to be. We tried to discuss it and move forward, but it just seemed to work for a short amount of time and then go back to what it was. We knew we needed help, but we were a little nervous about trying to find someone who could help without judgement or uncomfortableness that comes with making your personal issues public in a sense.

We tried traditional couples sex-therapy, but it wasn't right for us.  Then my wife met Rachael from Aerosha, and everything changed. 

First my wife decided to take some private sessions from Rachael. Then I came in and joined in the discussions. We soon realized that Rachael knew we had good communication skills, but she could also see right through our timidity to face the bigger issues. Well, in a few short sessions, Rachael helped us realize that our need for communication that we thought had to happen AFTER our intimate moments to help us understand how we felt, could really help us during AND before our intimate moments. 

Needless to say…in a few sessions with Rachael, my wife and I have found a truly fun and powerful way to increase the depth of our intimacy through communicating in a way we both feel turned-on by--before, during, and after. I've gotta say, I didn’t see such a simple solution being so helpful, but boy am I glad we now have these tools. Thanks Rachael!!!

~J.A., 55, Springfield, MO

Call it what you want...coaching, therapy, mentorship, advice, friendship.....Rachael has changed my life with her heartfelt, direct, and informative conversations. Sex is something we assume we know how to do, but unfortunately, we are not truly taught how to express ourselves in this sacred, intimate way.  And even if we ARE confident in the bedroom, we can always expand. Rachael knows how to remove the old programming that blocks us from our pleasure.  She easily navigates insecurities and helps build confidence with tools that work.  She's professional, discreet, and empathetic.  She cusses, she laughs, she tells stories that make you feel that you aren't alone.  She has amazing resources and clearly loves to help others feel great about themselves and all areas of their life, not just the private ones.  I was hesitant to begin her program, but now I see the benefit of this powerful, personal knowledge.  Thank YOU!

~JP, 30

I am queer.  Externally, I am navigating a world where I feel continually judged and shamed.  Internally, I am navigating my identity and how to shine.  Publicly, I appear confident and overtly sexual.  Privately, I feel like a lost lamb with a large appetite and shy tendencies.  

Through Rachael's mentorship program, now 2 months into it, I have learned so much about how to release what others think and how to better ask for what I want---especially by becoming CLEAR about what it is that I desire, what turns me on, what makes me feel the most free!  I've learned SO MANY sexy ways to connect with myself and my partners.  After feeling quite misunderstood my whole life, Rachael has helped me feel fully received and whole.  I feel hope for the first time.  I can't wait for more!!

~ Queer in small-town Bolivar, MO

I'd heard of Aerosha through various women chatting about the pole classes at dinner one night.  Out of curiosity, I perused their website--wishing there was something like this for men--then I read that Aerosha offered coaching for all genders.  I thought this would be my chance to be influenced by the owner of Aerosha, Rachael, a humble woman who I'm not sure is fully aware of the impact she has had on this community since she deals in the private, intimate realm of conversation and connection.  But, let me tell you, she is making waves with her potent, professional, and powerfully life-altering Mentorship sessions.  I am halfway through my 6-month program and I feel less triggered by stuff that used to zap my energy and overall, I feel more grounded in my life.  I've learned how to channel my arousal, how to better communicate with my partner, and am looking forward to learning more techniques for pleasure!  My lovemaking is more full of sensation and I'm truly present with the details of the experience of my expression instead of rushing through it like the familiar, necessary act it once was. Ick.  Now, I savor.  Now, my confidence is beaming.  Now, I am whole.  No matter who you are or what your experience level, trust in the gentle journey that Rachael leads--it is worth your investment.  

~ Harris, 38, MO

I am a married woman.  For most of my 18 year marriage, our libidos were mismatched and we were constantly frustrated.  My husband and I decided to open up our marriage last year and while I thought that would be satisfying for us both, and at times it was, it mostly resulted in me feeling self-conscious about my body.  I found Aerosha initially to take a pole dancing class, locally, with the intention to share a special dance to seduce my lover, or tempt my husband.  At my Intro, I couldn't believe that I found myself telling Rachael my whole story.  Not even my closest friends or sister knew about my open relationship, but I felt so comfortable sharing with her what I had been privately managing.  Honestly, just talking about it brought relief, but it was her encouragement to redirect the energy I was putting into my insecurities towards better self-love practices and more clarity about what I wanted that changed everything.  At that first class, she mentioned that she Mentors people on these very topics and I couldn't say YES fast enough.  In following her advice, I was able to release a lot of old patterns and negative behaviors that I wasn't even aware I was doing!  I felt more energy, felt much more connected to my sexuality in a way that REALLY synced me with my natural rhythms and desires.  I've never felt so attractive and vibrant--and I'll just say, my orgasms now, compared to the rest of my life are incomparable.  WOW!  I eventually shared my story with my friends and my sister and PLEADED with them to visit with Rachael for life-changing advice about our bodies, our emotions, and some REALLY fun techniques.  I'm forever grateful.  

~ "Sarah", Mother of 4, Wife to 1, Lover to some, and TOTAL BOMBSHELL!!, Springfield, MO

I'm a college aged male who I found Aerosha online through a rabbit hole on Google after a fight with my girlfriend and felt very inclined to reach out for a free consultation about some issues I was having with her.  Rachael soothed me to understand the ways I was contributing to the negative situations in my love life and how I can't control the emotions of others, only how I relate and react to them.   She helped me understand better how to communicate with my girlfriend and how to take more responsibility for my own happiness.  We both ended up talking with Rachael throughout the 3-month program and I can't believe we used to squabble over the stuff we did.  Rachael brought so many tools into our daily life.   We still do the once a month maintenance plan just to touch base with any negative little stuff that seems to creep into our life and to keep learning better ways to enhance our sex life.  We love to send her photos of us happy in thanks, especially since she's a photographer too! 

~ Brian, dude trying to make it work with my amazing girlfriend, PA

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you and your teachings, mentoring and movement. This weekend I was faced with someone from my past and instead of being cold, snide, and anxious, I was able to hear his pain and remain confident, calm, and compassionate.  I felt so good at the end of call for many reasons; the call/his voice didn't reduce me to rubble, I am filled with peace and hope, and I remembered that I am loved perfectly and completely which allows me to act in love. Much love and honor to you, my friend.

Aerosha’s creative movement became part of my life about a year ago and helped guide me through an unexpected life season with many ups and downs. After relocating and leaving my nest behind, I began to feel worrisome, anxious, and doubtful about change my dreams. Every month I came back to Rachael and Aerosha for the movement and each time I left wanting to carry the feeling with me, into all aspects of my life. When I felt my doubts overcome me, I asked Rachael through tearful eyes….How does this work, how can I fix this, fix me?

My journey with Rachael has allowed me to blossom into a better understanding of myself and how my thoughts are more powerful than I realized. She has shown me ways to get out of my head trash and focus on my appreciation of all that is around me. I am a creator in my life not a bystander.
During each session with Rachael, I feel heard, understood, and comforted through her wisdom and guidance. Together, we have invoked for me a new pattern of appreciation, acknowledgment, and creation to finding the truest, happiest me.

~ Denise, St. Louis, MO