For any person who is ready to positively transform their self- awareness,

self-expression, and realign with their internal guidance system.  


By phone, skype, or in-person, Rachael Dunville offers open-hearted, confidential, and judgement-free support to navigate a personal journey full of knowledge, communication, and inspiration for creative, vibrant living.

Aerosha's Intimate Alignment Mentorship Sessions have grown, no-doubt, to become its most popular offering for powerful, lasting, personal transformation.  Clients are warmly infused with hope, inspiration, self-awareness, and personal empowerment.

Blending over 10-years of experience with her natural gifts of discretion, unblinking authenticity, understanding, humor, compassion, and playfulness, Rachael's guidance is a valuable asset to those who are ready and willing to devote effort to this essential, natural expression of our divinity.  

In Rachael's Intimate Alignment Mentorship Sessions, she will ask provocative questions, provide thoughtful feedback, unique observations, and as needed, offer healing assignments to help you move compassionately through challenges surrounding relationships, libido, personal shadows, energetic blocks, physical techniques, body image, nutrition, creativity, spirituality, intimacy, and sexuality.  


Working with Rachael unveils an internal alignment, connecting your creativity (your sexual self) to the whole of who you are. Such a connection attracts more freedom, better communication, ecstatic well-being, healthier, more fulfilling relationships, more pleasure and playfulness.


Your journey will begin with a Transformation Call .  You'll be surprised how often your transformation begins to shift as soon as the initial phone-appointment is scheduled! If you're wanting to just check-in and ask a few questions, a complimentary-consult is also available.  Either way, reaching out is a powerful step in claiming your powerful new pleasure-filled path.  

Feelings of fear tend to become more pronounced when faced with newness and anything that may bring what has been shamed or blocked from light.  Despite this common, human resistance, Rachael's clients are READY to shift these fears into a place of more clarity.  They are committed to do honest work, allowing their true essence of Self to effortlessly dominate in their life experiences.  

Rachael's clients are willing to ask for guidance because they innately know they deserve to feel pleasure and know it can easily be part of their experience with her safe, trusted, open-minded guidance. 

This is a sacred, powerful gift you are giving yourself––and your loved ones––by investing in your intimate self to explore, expand, and get more comfortable with this divinely creative part of your Self. 


If you are ready to commit to, invest in, and enjoy your Intimate Transformation, please call or text to set up your appointment.