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Dean Groover, video

Aerosha’s unique private classes are an artistic elixir of physical, emotional and creative movements, specifically tailored for women of ANY age, shape and ability. Although yoga, pilates, ballet, pole dance, butoh, belly dance, and other athletic elements help inspire our movement, Aerosha requires no previous fitness or dance experience, since each woman is encouraged to move according to her own body wisdom.

Our women-only studio supports a welcoming and wholesome environment for our supportive community of women.   Invite your breath to braid with the music as you freely stretch your luminous body in our dark-and-nurturing candle-lit ambiance.  Celebrate your strength, enliven your confidence, and bask in your luxurious weekly retreat! 

Sound like a journey you’re ready to explore?  We welcome you to experience Aerosha by joining us for a Private Session (solo, or with a friend!).  Afterwords, you will feel the physical warmth of an empowered workout, the release of a therapeutic commitment, and also the euphoria of a deep massage.  Sounds paradoxical, but that is the magic of Aerosha!

Come fly, float and melt into motion!