Since 2008, Aerosha has been trusted for its holistic, feel-good journey of creative movement, self-discovery, and intimate wellness.

It is Aerosha's belief that every person––all genders, all ages,––may return home to your joyous creativity, your sumptuous sensuality, and your practice of pleasure, well-being, and authenticity!

Our unique Movement Classes gently introduce playful, sensory, liberating expressions of the body, renewing self-confidence, acceptance, and compassion in our nurturing, candle-lit studio in Springfield, MO.

Our popular Mentorship Sessions, conducted globally by phone, provide guidance to awaken self-awareness, intimate wellness, and everyday ecstacy through varied modalities of education, support, and inspiration. 


Aerosha is known to inspire movement, not only in the physical expression of our bodies, but also in the positive momentum in the lives of our dedicated clients.  

With an emphasis on heightened self-awareness and self-love practices, a more centered, free-spirited, trusting, expressive, brave, sensual, and fun YOU is unveiled and celebrated!  
Through our Movement Classes and Mentorship Sessions, we curate a custom experience for each person––no matter your story––to experience a powerful personal transformation that provides relief, freedom, and satisfaction.