{ Intimacy Transformation Call }

For any person who is ready to positively transform their self-awareness, their self-expression, and realign with their internal guidance.


Rachael's compassionate, playful, and intuitive guidance inspires radiance, self-empowerment, and spiritual healing as part of a journey to amplified pleasure, and a celebration of everyday bliss!

In these conversations, enjoy clarity and guidance from Rachael Dunville, a dedicated, open-minded, lighthearted facilitator of holistic, creative, sacred, and intimate wellness with over 15-years of collected wisdom, techniques, and experience.

Any person, of any age, preferences, relationship status', and genders may schedule a Call or Consult with Rachael.  Her mentorship is intended to complement, not replace, other professional treatments. Please see your doctor for traditional mental, emotional, and physical health care.

This call is your chance to begin the journey of sharing that which you would like to heal, shift, or gain insight about.  

You may share anything, knowing confidentiality is of premium importance to Rachael and Aerosha––something we are known for and guard with great care. 

Please be prepared to share some general information about yourself on these initial calls.  

Any language, cryptic or explicit, may be used to share stories about your past, your current experiences, your vision for the future, any challenges, confusion or frustrations, your primary desires, success stories, and/or any other light-shedding info that will help Rachael understand your perspective and how to best guide you towards lasting transformation.  

It is common to feel nervous about working on shifting the perspective of your Internal Self.  Asking for guidance can feel intimidating – and understandably so. 

Often, we have heard cultural stories and were taught collective beliefs that keep our Self, our Sexuality, our Fears in a dark, vaulted place of shame, fear, ignorance, embarrassment, and pain.

This resistance can be overcome by scheduling one of the following calls, with the intention to connect, share, and hear hopeful, warm advice on the other end. Immediately, the courage it takes to make this small step in overcoming your resistance will catapult you toward personal growth. 



In this 75-minute conversation, Rachael will fully listen to you; what is spoken, what is left unsaid, what is mirrored, what is true.  She will guide you towards relief and illuminate a new path of wellness and exploration of our birthright: pleasure, fun, and well-being. 

Together on this initial call, you and Rachael will feel inspired by the flood of fresh perspectives and revamped truths.  We will generally explore the challenges you perceive in your life and we’ll get clear on your vision for what you most want in your Self--overall--with special attention, as desired, around the topics of sexuality and relationships.  From this hopeful place, we will discuss a personalized action plan full of support that will carry you with confidence and emotional grounding through your journey of profound transformation.

After the call, should you choose to continue your journey with one of her Intimate Mentorship Programs, Rachael will be devoted to assisting you on your journey to freedom, healing and awakening. Depending on your unique path, successive sessions utilize a combination of education, verbal and virtual support, friendly guidance, energy work, visualization, fun assignments, and other unique modalities offered once a relationship is established. 

Rachael offers her heart and wisdom in abundance by standing witness to you and reflecting your light.  Allow her to hold sacred space while you journey home, back to yourself, where you will live awakened, full of succulence, freedom, pleasure, and joy!  

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, providing clarifying information to Rachael.  This is optional, but is helpful for focus and helps our call be time efficient.  Thank you! 

Please OPTIONALLY fill out the following form, then schedule your Transformation Call!  


This may be related to your personal growth, life changes, relationships, finances, adventures, health/wellness, sexual/sensual self or more general well-being.
This may be general about your life, your goals, or more specifically about your history or current patterns. Topics such as work, romantic relationships, family, friendships, finances, personal growth, ME-time, gender identity, sexual orientation(s), trauma, previous therapy, medical conditions, current relationships and interactions, patterns from childhood, fantasies, preferences, or any other information that you feel may be relevant.

If you are ready to commit to, invest in, and enjoy your Intimate Transformation, please call or text to set up your appointment.