{ About Rachael }


Ms. Rachael Dunville is an Intimate-Alignment expert, a lighthearted facilitator of self-discovery and overall well-being.


Her confidential, compassionate, playful, and intuitive guidance inspires radiance, self-empowerment, and spiritual healing as part of a journey to intimate wellness, amplified pleasure, and a celebration of everyday bliss!

Rachael was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri.  She lived in NYC for 6 years where she received a Masters degree in Fine Art, worked as a portrait photographer, and nurtured her longtime interests in Yoga, Tantra, Creative Dance, Body Image, Therapeutic Touch, Sacred Sex, and Intuitive-Spiritual Healing. 

Rachael assisted and lead private sessions for years with various clients in NYC before she returned home to Springfield in early 2008 to continue her fine-art/erotic photography career and to create Aerosha, the highly acclaimed creative-movement studio.

Through teaching Aerosha, Rachael found an outlet for her passion to help develop self-awareness, healing, and renewal by sharing her unique, liberating, physical, and emotional movement curriculum. 

Naturally, Aerosha has evolved with Rachael's expanding experience through the thousands of local clients who opened themselves to her gifts. 

While the momentum of her passions deepened, she gained clarity for how she can best serve others in her community and beyond.  With the support from her devoted clients and global contacts, her unique Intimate Mentorship sessions have become her most popular offering to her growing clientele. 

For over a decade, she has facilitated countless private and group sessions that facilitate and enhance Intimate Wellness, Personal Alignment, Sacred Sex, Creative Intimacy and Physical Techniques for people of all orientations, identities, and relationship status'. 

While listening and guiding individuals and couples to deepen their personal journeys towards enhanced communication skills, enriched knowledge, and creativity in their intimate lives. she offers guidance in support of a satisfying, holistic, creative, and pleasure-filled journey.  

If you are ready to commit to, invest in, and enjoy your Intimate Transformation, please call or text to set up your appointment.