Rachael offers several Intimate Mentorship Programs designed to help you create a more consistently satisfying experience of personal alignment, self-expression, self-awareness and personal expression. 


With weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly support, Rachael offers education, verbal support, rituals, experiments, conscious breathwork, awakened energy, visualization, energy work, therapeutic touch, homework, movement, paradigm shifts and other varied modalities, resulting in an intensive, impactful transformation.    

Likely, you are reading this from a place curiosity or unfulfilled desires, feeling ready to take steps forward in order to reconnect––or discover for your first time––your authentic SELF -- be that in the realm of sexuality, personal growth, life changes, relationships, body image, and other challenging segments of self.   Perhaps you have just finished a Transformation Call and are considering a commitment to your Intimate Wellness Journey.  Rachael's Intimacy Mentorship Programs deliver powerful, lasting shifts that keep the momentum of your journey filled with inspiration, tools, and support.  

The phone (and other virtual connections) allows the wisdom of these sessions to be accessed from anywhere in the world –– plus, understandably, a lack of eye contact often provides a layer of anonymity that allows more vulnerability and honesty (which Rachael experienced for years in her original sessions, held in-person in the pitch dark, candle-lit Aerosha studio).

Fully committed to supporting clients with discreet, consistent sessions filled with accountability, frequent inspiration, and virtual fodder, Rachael proudly offers her clients these Custom Programs to allow a deeper, personal commitment for a given period of time dedicated for healing and expansion.

6-Month Programs are her most popular Programs, which include a determined number of Sessions per Program, as well as Last-Minute Session Vouchers, Unlimited Message Inspiration, Unlimited Text and Email Support, Relevant Media links, and discounts on other Aerosha offerings, including Movement Classes, Online Classes, Sex & Tantric Workshops, Photography, and Merchandise.  Alternative Programs and investment options may be discussed in your Transformation Call.  

If you are ready to commit to, invest in, and enjoy your Intimate Transformation, please call or text to set up your appointment.